Barcelona the best city of Europa

Barcelona is an amazing city, it is the second most visited city in Europe. Tourists like.


<strong>Things that you should go to see in Barcelona

Rambla de catalunya.
It is the best place to walk around and know a little of the Catalan culture.
Begins at Plaza de Catalunya. There is the famous El Corte Ingles, a shopping galleries of the best brands. It ends in Colón , yes friends, the famous statue of Colón pointing towards America.

You can not leave Barcelona without going through the legendary Barcelona football field. the famous Camp Nou.


And no. the magnificent works of art of the architect and artist Antonio Gaudi, including the Sagrada Familia is the parc Guell or dangerous. Gaudí is well known for his designs of fairytales, dangerous curves for the time, one of the famous Gaudí professions was the trade of locksmith. And when you go there to visit his works you can see how the iron comes alive. Beautiful.



I invite you to come to Barcelona. and eat at the famous restaurant castizo “raco de la Vila” in ciudad de Granada stret , 33, unforgettable dishes and wines. for this alone worth coming.



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